As Payanda Metal, we define customer satisfaction as a mission beyond a philosophy. We perceive Customer Satisfaction as an indispensable criterion but an insufficient target.

We put customer demands and needs at the top of our list, and we consider reflecting our difference in details as a principle. We never hesitate to use all the opportunities we have in the name of efficiency, from material selection to advanced technology facilities.

We offer our customers our value-added solutions, alternative plans in the face of problems, speed and low cost privileges as opportunities to achieve maximum efficiency in the business process.



Payanda Metal works with an understanding of quality above the standards in both service and product presentation. As part of an effective business plan, we present our decision-making processes and creative solutions, as well as our knowledge and opportunities in choosing the right products.

In the projects we produce, we ensure that this approach is reflected directly to the customer as high-quality solutions.



Payanda Metal has been working with a transparent cooperation policy since its establishment. We fully believe that a more transparent, simple and collaborative approach affects the process directly and positively.

We know very well the importance and necessity of transparency policy for a qualified business on the way to success. We provide convenience and comfort with a reportable, contemporary working strategy that is fully compatible with the customer, questionable, providing comfort to control mechanisms.



Payanda Metal is well aware that successful work is the full result of solid teamwork. The most important basic parts of a business plan, which is determined after the necessary analysis and reporting, are the team that created it and the fully integrated work program of that team.

With the awareness that a fully equipped, trained and experienced team directly affects productivity and quality, it always establishes its staff from the best.

Payanda Metal is not content with establishing the best corporate team, it also prepares the infrastructure of being a complete team with its customers.



We know well from our technical point of view that perfection is not a relative concept. We add numbers, figures and finally emotions to the definition of perfect.

As Payanda Metal, we fully trust our experience, knowledge and skills, and we do our job well.

We make our commitments on time for a perfect result, and focus on results beyond your dreams.