Payanda Metal

About Us

"Payanda" is a brand owned by Atılım Metal.

Atılım Metal was established in 1996 as Atılım Aksesuar. After about 9 years, it started to produce table and sofa legs in 2005.

Our main goal has been to make the product and service quality we have achieved in the process until today permanent and open to development. For this reason, the knowledge and experience in our field is presented under a brand as a corporate solution.

As of the end of 2012, Atılım Metal, which produces products and services with its two stores apart from its production facilities, puts its signature on “Payanda” on the trust and quality created by years of effort.

We will continue to be the aesthetic and durability “Strut” in all metal parts of special designs and projects.

Every product bearing the “Strut” sign is special and deserves special attention.

Payanda Metal

Our Vision

As the expression of a vision, “Standard” has established a relationship with the future that develops in terms of aesthetics and quality.
Future plans of Strut:
To place the awareness that our signature is a recognized and demanded quality in the domestic market between 2014-2019,
As of 2025, metal produced for special design products in the domestic market Reaching a 20% share in the parts market,
To be a recognized and demanded brand in the special production metal parts market in at least 5 countries in 2020.

Our Mission

Within the framework of our Total Quality Management (TQM) model;

Creating business contracts with realistic plans and commitments,
Producing the desired quality and aesthetics in specially designed metal parts,
Products and services on time Ensuring complete delivery,
Contributing to a specially designed project that will increase aesthetics and durability,
Taking necessary precautions against risks that will threaten human life and the environment, especially during the production phase,
Work safety and environmental awareness of employees Ensuring that they reach sufficient awareness on the subject.

Our Quality Policy

The quality policy, which was built with the TQM (Total Quality Management) model, is generally framed under 4 main headings:

Pre-Sales Service Quality
Special projects and designs The most important issue for us is pre-sales services. Because the right and appropriate decisions to be made about the production, design, material and other features of the product to be produced directly affect both aesthetics and durability. In order to keep the total quality bar high, we attach particular importance to pre-sales information sharing and guidance, and make necessary decisions together with our customers. An unrealistic deadline commitment is a quality standard that we specifically avoid. It is evaluated under two main headings:
- Raw Material and Material Quality 
Decisions about the quality and types of raw materials and materials to be used in production are made at the Pre-Sales Services stage. In line with these decisions, raw materials and materials of the desired quality are used.
- Craftsmanship and Other Production Quality
A meticulous production path is followed at this stage, which is the kitchen of the buttress. At the end of every necessary process, quality controls are made and possible problems that may be encountered in product assembly and use are resolved on the production line.

Our products are produced in accordance with 302 and 304 Stainless Quality Standards. All of our products are certified.

Product Delivery
The high risk orders carried by special project manufacturers are not delivered on time, in the desired quality and completely.
The total quality of the buttress is shaped by the combination of these three elements.
Product deliveries are made in the shape, quantity and deadline determined by the order.

Quality of After-Sales Service
After-sales services continue until the product delivered provides the desired usage characteristics. In this process, solutions are produced without sacrificing aesthetic concerns.