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Our Quality Policy


Payanda outlines the quality policy based on the model of TQM (Total Quality management) under 4 main titles in general:

  • Before-Sales Service Quality
The major issue for special projects and designs is before-sales services. Because, correct and applicable decisions on the production, design, material and other features of the product to be produced directly influence both aesthetics and stability. We pay particular attention to information sharing and directions before sales in order to keep the total quality level high and decide together with our customers by sharing.
Furthermore, clear and definite information is given about the deadlines at this stage. The unreal commitment of deadlines is a quality standard we especially avoid from. 
  • Product Quality
In our TQM (Total Quality Management) model, production activities are evaluated under two main titles in order to sustain product quality and preserve the product aesthetics:
- Raw Material and Material Quality 
The quality and types of raw materials and materials to be used during production are decided at the stage of Before-Sales Services. According to these decisions, raw materials and materials in the desired quality are used. 
-  Workmanship and Other Production Quality 
At this stage which is backstage of Payanda, a thorough production method is followed. At the end of every necessary transaction, quality controls are carried out and the problems likely to arise during assembly and use are solved at the production line. 
  • Product Delivery
The high risk carried by the special project makers is the inability to deliver the orders on due time in the required quality and completely. 
The total quality of Payanda is based on the combination of these three elements. 
Product deliveries are performed in the manner, quantity and on the deadline specified by the order. 
  • After Sales Service Quality 
After sales services are continued until providing the desired features of the product delivered. Within this process, solutions are made without sacrificing from aesthetic concerns.