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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can your products be produced in any size?

The suitability of the dimensions to the desired product is tested by our experts. Because not all products accept all sizes.

2. Can you produce a model that is not on your site?

If the picture, size and color of the product are obvious, we produce in products other than our website. Of course there is a limit to what we can do, but we make almost any product.

3. Do you sell the products with the tray on it or without the tray?

Tables are not cut for the table. However, if our customers request from the ready ones in our showroom, we can give.

4. What kind of table can be placed on it?

Glass, marble and wooden table can be placed. However, glass and marble are more selective than wood and do not fit every legs.

5. Do you produce other than the colors on your site?

Yes, we do.

6. Can it be made in desired colors?

Electrostatic paint, chrome plated, bronze tumbled, matt and bright stainless colors are produced.

7. What is Stainless?

It is a stainless steel iron alloy. It should contain min 10.5% Cr and max 1.2% C. Importance of Cr element used in stainless steel; forming an oxide layer on the surface of material (Cr2O3) and thus protecting the material from oxygen.

Cr and passivation ratio in stainless steel determines the quality of stainless steel.

The oxide layer on the surface of the material is too thin to be seen by the eye and is waterproof.

8. Do you have any advice to avoid corrosion of the products?

a. Since our products are metal, they should be kept away from water and moisture, wiped with a damp cloth and dried. Chemicals such as detergents should never be used. It can only be wiped and polished with a squeegee.


b. Chrome-plated table legs are suitable for indoor use, not recommended for use in gardens or balconies. Static-painted legs and stainless table legs are durable and can be used as garden table or balcony table.

9. How can we see the finished drawings of the orders placed?

After the drawing of our products (table, coffee table, chair, bookshelf, dresuar) by our graphic team, the drawings are shared with the customer via whatsapp or mail before they are taken into production, we can get approval and start production.

10. Do you have a standard price catalog?

As the prices vary according to size and color on table and coffee table legs, we do not have a standard price list.

11. What do we need to do to get a price for our special order?

You can send the dimensions of the product, the color information you requested and the picture or drawing of the product via whatsapp from the phone number 0534 569 3033 or via e-mail to

12. What is the deadline?

The deadline is 7 work-days for static painted table legs and 10 work-day for stainless table legs.

13. Can we pay at the door?

We do not have a payment system at the door. Remote payments are only received via bank transfer.

14. Is there delivery at the door?

Deliveries are made at our factory or by cargo.