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Payanda is a brand which belongs to Atılım Metal.

Atılım Metal was established in 1996 under the name of Atılım Aksesuar. It started to produce table and armchair legs after about 9 years in 2005.

It is our fundamental goal to maintain and improve the product and service quality we have achieved so far. Therefore, the knowledge and experiences in our field are presented in a brand as a corporate solution.    

Started to furnish services with its two stores in the end of 2012 in addition to its production plants, Atılım Metal puts its signature to the reliability and quality of many years under “Payanda” now.

We will continue to be the “Payanda” (Buttress, in English) of aesthetics and stability in all metallic apparatus of special designs and projects.

Every product having the signature of “Payanda” is special and deserves special attention.